Set For Summer

8 week training programme, nutrition guidance, elite coaching, unlimited access to the gym and all classes.

Get Set For Summer The Hybrid Way


It only takes 21 days to make something a habit. We’re giving you 8 weeks. That’s turning a habit into a lifestyle.

This isn’t a challenge. This isn’t a short term fix. This is not a random programme.

This is sustainable. This is long-lasting.

Sign up and you’ll enjoy group training, an 8 week functional training programme, small group training, nutrition guidance from Fresh Fitness Food and unlimited gym and classes access.

Get set for summer, smash your fitness goals and become part of the Hybrid Pack!

What You Get

Full access to the gym

Follow your training plan and make use of all our facilities. No restrictions, no excuses

Strength & Conditioning Classes Built For Everyone

No need for years of training experience as our classes are designed for complete beginners and elite athletes. Our coaches are on hand to guide you through our small group S&C classes and to help you progress over time

Elite Coaches

In class and when you need a dose of motivation. Our elite coaches are on hand to help you make the progress you deserve. 4 check in sessions and an initial assessment when you sign up to our 8 week programme

Combat Classes

Follow the programme, enjoy S&C classes, make use of the gym AND take part in our combat classes. Glove up, get ready to tumble and learn something new.

Nutrition Guidance

Fresh Fitness Food will help you with your nutrition needs over the 8 weeks. Sign up and you’ll get a free nutrition consultation and a discount off your first order

Jay Spraggett

"I never looked back when I signed up to HYBRID a little nerves at first but it's a Great, friendly welcoming gym with top Pt's who wanna go the extra mile to help you with your goals.

classes are amazing from first thing in the morning to late evening there's always a great class, I love this gym."

Jenni Allen

"Great space, staff are fun and engaging, great value for money. 💪 It's a win win."

Ian Castleton

"Lots of new equipment and very friendly environment. I especially like the multiple squat racks on the 2nd floor. This is my new favourite gym!"