Personal Trainers

Claudio is a qualified Personal Trainer and certified NASM. He started his career as a swimmer and reached pro levels at very young age competing at national and international level. Through his strict training programs he learned how to manipulate the body, reduce body fat and get the best composition in order to face different challenges. Claudio’s approach to fitness is studied, effective, and simple to follow.
How can I benefit you? Through partaking in sports throughout my life and with my current passion for calisthenics, in all those years I have understood the correct training methods and the essential techniques which can help you reach your goals. My aim is to create a better connection with your own body, in parallel to added strength, flexibility, power, coordination and balance.
From a young age, Ray has always had a passion for sports and this led him graduating in BSc Sport and Exercise Science in 2015. He is highly motivated, enthusiastic and confident personal trainer with over thousands of hours of one to one coaching time to date. His goal is to educate and change people’s life through health and fitness. Please don't hesitate to contact him or speak to him on the gym floor so he can have a chat about kickstarting your journey.
“I combine the knowledge I’ve accumulated during my years as an athlete and my years of experience as personal trainer to tailor specific exercise programmes for my clients. I’m constantly developing my skills as personal trainer by experiment with diets an exercises on myself in order for me to give my clients the best advice possible. I understand having once been overweight how hard is to get your self-esteem and confidence back. As a ex gymnast and powerlifter, I can help you not only with your strength and conditioning, but also, with flexibility, stability and endurance.
Paul is an experienced Physical Performance Coach with an extensive background working as a Personal Trainer, Scientific Researcher, Health and Fitness Consultant, and Strength & Conditioning Coach at the national level. Paul is also a certified nutrition coach, with academic credentials including an MSc in Performance Coaching and a BA(Hons) in Sports and Education. Working closely with you, Paul aims to help you achieve your fitness goals with supportive expert coaching and personalised programming that fits your schedule.