Strength & Conditioning


You'll be building a strong body. You’ll be squatting in all forms, pressing, deadlift and all accessory movements that come from good programming


Endurance sessions focus on interval work utilising ski/bike/row/run/sled and weights. Works alongside strength training to increase speed, power and VO2 Max. You’ll improve your overall work capacity, which will mean you can go longer and harder whilst improving recovery from sustained work.


Athlete training to improve speed and agility. Train to move more aggressively and explosively. You’ll move quicker, load more and improve speed and agility


Non specialised training designed for general public and athletes alike. The programme is designed to improve and promote movement efficiency, create/improve quality movement patterns used daily. SiN builds greater work capacity across different energy systems and planes of movement. The outcome - Members can train hard, improve recovery, move well and better whilst learning/perfecting movements.



Without a solid core you won’t get far. While all our HIIT classes stick to the pillars of short burst-high intensity, run, lift, move, this class has been specifically designed to test and improve your core strength. You’ll go through dynamic movements, static holds, gymnastics inspired movements and much more to help you build a solid foundation with massive crossover to all aspects of your life!


This class will force you to dig deep and to say no to the voice in your head telling you you’re done. We’ve pulled out all the stops to make this one of the most challenging classes you will ever do! You’ll be using all the equipment as we continually ramp up the intensity to take you to new levels of achievement.

The All Rounder

Following our Pillars: Short Burst, Run, Lift, Move, The All Rounder has been designed to challenge your whole body every workout. You’ll be using all the toys as you ski, row, push, pull, lift, slam your way to the end. Each burst of exercise is short and challenging and the rest periods are just enough to collect yourself before hitting the next part of the workout.

Thursday Throwdown

Not for the faint of heart, 45 min of functional HIIT training!  What to expect? Compounds lifts, plyometrics and a ton of burpees.


Just Ride

45 minutes of great tunes and awesome instructors, Just ride is your classic cycle workout. Hit those targets or just find the rhythm and enjoy the ride . Whatever your goal, this class will deliver an amazing buzz and awesome results.


High Intensity from the get go. We blend maximum effort intervals with lower intensity periods to create the ultimate HIIT ride. This class will get you results.


Pound 4 pound

Shred the body fat and get fighting fit with our new 45 minute HIIT inspired boxing class. Rise the ranks with our high intensity rounds of boxing mixed in with bodyweight and core exercises.


Learn how to box and build the mentality of a champion with padwork, agility, cardio drills and strength training

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

A floor based martial art where raw strength isn’t your only ally. Solid technique, leverage and grit all play a part.

Fight Night

Kickass tunes, high intensity sets, punching, kicking, bodyweight training and weights, we’ve got it all to get you fight night ready.